class in NatCamU.Core / inherits from MonoBehaviour


A very useful MonoBehaviour class that can be used to quickly create a NatCam camera session. This class handles NatCam's initialization. It is also very easily subclassed and overriden to create custom and extended functionality.

Public Functions

OnFrame Method called on every new camera preview frame.
OnStart Method called when the camera preview starts.
SwitchCamera Switch the active camera of the preview.

Public Variables

facing The facing of the camera where the preview will start from.
framerate The framerate of the camera preview.
photoResolution The photo resolution of the camera.
preview The RawImage that will display the camera preview.
previewResolution The preview resolution of the camera.
verbose Whether NatCam should use verbose logging (useful for debugging).

Copyright (c) Yusuf Olokoba 2016