This is the NatCam frontend.

Static Functions

CapturePhoto Capture a photo with the provided callback.
DetectBarcode Detect barcodes.
DetectFace Detect faces.
DetectText Detect texts.
Pause Pause the camera preview.
Play Start the camera preview.
PreviewBuffer Get the preview buffer for the current frame.
PreviewFrame Get the current preview frame.
PreviewMatrix Get the current preview frame as an OpenCVForUnity.Mat.
Release Release NatCam.
SavePhoto Save a photo to the device.
StartRecording Start recording a video.
StopRecording Stop recording a video.

Static Variables

Camera Get or set the active camera.
Implementation The INatCam backend implementation for this platform.
IsPlaying Is the preview playing?
IsRecording Is a video being recorded?
Preview The camera preview texture.


OnFrame An event called on every new camera frame.
OnStart An event called when the preview starts.

Copyright (c) Yusuf Olokoba 2016